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Timmins Pedicure


Treat Your Feet to a Timmins Pedicure

There is nothing more luxurious than an indulgent and rejuvenating pedicure, and we have the greatest pedi experience for our Timmins clientele. Here at Magical Energy, we know how much you deserve a break, and our goal is for you to leave the salon feeling glorious. Start by relaxing on a couch while soaking your feet. Lie back and enjoy your choice of pedicure which will lead to a soothing and stress-relieving foot and leg massage.

Many people in Timmins spend all day on their feet. If you’re one of those people, you know how damaged they can get over time, and how difficult it can be to try to care for them yourself. Come in to Magical Energy and let us pamper you. You won’t believe how wonderful your feet can feel after some time in our hands. And it won’t just be your feet that feel great – your entire body and soul will feel renewed after indulging yourself in a pedicure.

Types of pedicures offered for our Timmins clientele:

Regular Pedicure – No frills, but still relaxing. A foot soak, followed by a foot file, nail shaping, moisturizer, foot and leg massage and nail polishing.

Spa Pedicure –Similar to the Regular Pedicure, with a luxurious warm paraffin wax soak that will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

Mini Pedi – A quick pedicure that focuses on nail shaping and polish without the massage or any of the other perks. For people in a hurry!

Foot Care – Identical to the Mini Pedi, however, without the polish.